Mischa Barton Tries To Make A Comeback

Remember when Mischa Barton thought she was too good for “The O.C.” and left the show in order to pursue a movie career? Well, Mischa Barton movie star never materialized. In fact, the only noteworthy thing Mischa has achieved is her D.U.I. arrest in 2007. Okay, I’ll be fair and mention her fugly headband collection for Stacey Lapidus. Oh, and she hosted Blackbook’s Hollywood party last night. Now, Mischa is returning to her TV roots by taking on the role of Sonja on “A Beautiful Life,” an upcoming CW drama about male and female models living together in New York City. Sonja is a veteran supermodel struggling to stay on top in the high fashion world, so she and Mischa have a lot in common. But Mischa isn’t the only “O.C.” alum who is struggling after leaving the show.

  • Rachel Bilson has had a guest appearances on “Chuck” and gave an adequate performance as Millie Harris in last year’s “Jumper.” Her cute style and her engagement to Hayden Christensen are the only reasons she’s ever in the news.
  • Adam Brody, another “O.C.” alum who showed promise, has been in only two movies since 2007, “Death In Love” and “Jennifer’s Body,” which will be released later this year. He’ll also play The Flash/Barry Allen in “Justice League: Mortal” in 2011. Adam is also the co-author of Red Menace, a comic book miniseries by Wildstorm Comics. He made a headline when it was revealed that the paparazzi still took his photo.
  • Benjamin McKenzie hasn’t really done much either, though. He starred in 2008’s “Johnny Got His Gun,” a drama about an American soldier who discovers he’s paralyzed after being shot on the last day of World War I. Benjamin also visited college campuses in 2008, stumping for Barack Obama. He’s now starring in “The Eight Percent,” an eight minute film about two high school exes who meet 10 years later. The short is one of five films screening at Delta.com as part of a competition for a special screening at the Tribeca Film Festival. With the upcoming NBC series “Southland,” McKenzie might be the “O.C.” alum with the most going on in his career.