The Best Frozen Foods In All Of Freezerland

March is National Frozen Foods Month. Who knew?! We here at The Frisky love our frozen foods — and not just because we’re too lazy to cook. Never in a million years could I make a vegetable lasagna as delicious as the ones I get in my grocery store’s freezer section. After the jump, 10 frozen foods that make our lives delightful. Share your favorites in the comments!

Haagen-Dazs Dulce de Leche frozen yogurt is as good as sex. – Wendy

I love an It’s-It ice cream sandwich because it’s everything together, like a hamburger made of sugar, and also wonderful. – Susannah

I love Swanson Chicken Pot Pies, but I think I am the only one on earth that does. They taste sooo good to me because it was my comfort food growing up. – Mina

Potato latkes. You can fry them and serve them with apple sauce for breakfast, or crunch them up, mix them with sour cream, cream of chicken soup, and onions for a casserole that’s yummy but, um, a little unhealthy. – Jessica

Trader Joe’s frozen Mac N’ Cheese, hands down. I have yet to have better version of mac anywhere, including your grandmother’s house. Seriously. – Amelia

I absolutely love Tyson’s frozen buffalo wings because all I have to do is pop them in the oven, no thawing required, and in 20 minutes I have a snack. If I’m not feeling too lazy, I’ll make a salad to go with them. – Annika

Omaha Steaks — every girl should have a hunk-o-beef in her freezer. – Rebecca

Trader Joe’s frozen pot-stickers! I eat them at least once a week. – Kate

Amy’s Tofu Vegetable Lasagna. Every time I make this at work, the whole office — even the meat-eaters — asks what the delicious smell coming from my desk is. – Catherine

DiGiorno pizzas. They’re the best quality of frozen pizzas unless you want to spend a buttload on Wolfgang Puck’s, but I can’t even find those anymore. – Joe

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