Lose Your Job? Sell Sex (But Not Yourself)!

We keep hearing that industries related to sex and dating are some of the only ones not being affected by the recession. Apparently, sex is one of those things that doesn’t need to be eliminated from people’s lives, even when their wallets are thin. After all, it’s free! Of course, extra equipment and accessories cost money. In past months, sales at sex toy boutique Babeland and lingerie stores like La Petite Coquette have seen an increase in sales, even while other parts of the economy have plummeted. Now, one sex toy company is coming to the rescue of women who have lost their jobs during these hard times. Pure Romance, which hosts Tupperware-like parties with sexier products, is giving away 1,000 consultant starter kits to women who have been laid off. The kits, which usually start at $99, include a selection of the company’s products, a training DVD, and other items that will help women get started hosting product parties and possibly bringing in more than $1,000 a week. If you’ve been laid off and want to get into an industry that’s doing relatively well, {encode=” [email protected]” title=”email”} your story and why you’d be good at selling sexy stuff. We gotta say that selling cute vibes and high-end lube is better than resorting to stripping or prostitution when you need money.