Obama Loves The Ladies

Yesterday, President Obama celebrated National Women’s History Month by creating a special panel to focus on women’s issues. The council will seek new opportunities in the workforce, since women still earn only 78 cents for every dollar a man makes. This makes Obama mad, since he loves the ladies…

No, like, he really, really does. Which is more than kind of hot. Here’s a collection of his most toe-curling musings on the women in his life, from 2005 to now…On His Mother:

“She was the kindest, most generous spirit I have ever known…what is best in me I owe to her.”

On Michelle:

“Sometimes, when we’re lying together, I look at her and I feel dizzy with the realization that here is another distinct person from me…Even if one builds a life together based on trust, attentiveness and mutual support, I think that it’s important that a partner continues to surprise.”

Advice For Malia And Sasha:

“I hope both of you will take up [the] work righting the wrongs that you see and working to give others the chances you’ve had…Because it is only when you hitch your wagon to something larger than yourself that you will realize your true potential.”

On Signing The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act:

“I sign this bill for my daughters, and all those who will come after us, because I want them to grow up in a nation that values their contributions, where there are no limits to their dreams and they have opportunities their mothers and grandmothers never could have imagined.”

On His First Kiss With Michelle:

“I asked her if I could kiss her. It tasted of chocolate.”