Eight Ways To Mark Our Territory

Women have subtle and not-so-subtle ways of letting the rest of the world know their man is taken. These eight ways women mark their territory will save you from wondering how involved a guy is, and if you’re in a relationship already, then you’ve got some work to do.

  1. Quite obvious one — leaving any kind of feminine product — from Tampons to flatirons — at her guy’s home.
  2. Giving her guy a framed photo of the two of them for his desk at work.
  3. Making subtle changes to her man’s decor, like changing the gender neutral dish towels to a floral pattern.
  4. He, all of a sudden, has tons of toilet paper.
  5. His apartment now smells like vanilla, as opposed to gym socks or a dirty trash can.
  6. His pet likes to cuddle up to her stuff too.
  7. Gives his mom a gift that she actually appreciates and displays in her home.
  8. He not only gets bi-weekly manicures, but also pedicures.