Is That Gun In Your Purse Or Are Your Just Collecting Loose Change?

I admit, there are certainly times when I’m out shopping or running errands that I feel like pulling out a gun and just totally going postal. Woman grabs the last pair of peep toe pumps just as I reach out to try them on? Bang! The cashier at the grocery store puts up a “closed” sign on her register after I wait in her line for 15 minutes? Bang! Make a special trip to Whole Foods to get my favorite organic ice cream just to discover they’re out? Bang, bang! Sprint down the stairway to catch the subway just as it’s closing its door and pulling away even though the conductor clearly saw me and could have waited five measly seconds to let me board? Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bag! But, fun as it would be to pull out this Lassey James-designed handgun-shaped coin purse and pretend to off every d-bag I come across, something tells the effect may not be quite as cathartic — or as safe — as I might like. Plus, didn’t this kind of accessory lose its edgy cool back in, like, 2006? [via Behance]

Tags: coin purses, guns