In Bed With … “The Bachelor”‘s Jason Mesnick

Note: I just have to say that I, Kiki T., being of sound body and mind, in no way would ever want to get “In Bed With” this guy, but, like watching a car accident, curiosity makes you do (and write) some messed up things. In case any of you like car crashes too, here’s one for you…

Born: July 5, 1976 in Cleveland, OH
Sun Sign: Cancer
Ascendant: Unknown
Moon: Libra
Mercury: Cancer
Venus: Cancer
Mars: Leo

Love Style:

Romantic to a fault and full of emotion, Jason loves love. To him, a soul mate is a security blanket and he’ll hold onto to it for dear life when it comes down to it. This can make his love a bit desperate and cold — as he is so into protecting himself, that he is very much self-absorbed about his approach. With his Moon and Sun squaring, creating tension, and a Mars in Leo, this isn’t a guy that moves in a linear fashion when it comes to relationships. He thrives on the bumps in the road and he’s got to have drama to make him feel as if he is progressing. He has the no pain, no gain mentality towards relationships, which makes his love stories laden with sensitivity and a bit of falsity — because he needs to feel out the depth of his lover’s dedication before he can lay his own on the line. This is his protection mechanism. However, family is his thing and once he commits to someone on that level, he is extremely loyal — but he will tend to swing back between playing the man and the baby often, which can make for a sweet, yet manic relationship.

Sex Style:

Despite the delicate facade, Jason is driven by his ego, power and fame. However, being so in touch with his emotions does make him a bit insecure about his masculinity at times, and when it comes to sex, he has to struggle with quantity over quality, which can make his sex style more like a conveyor belt production line if he’s not so into you, just squeezing out the same routines over and over, hoping something clicks. Of course, when it does, he is fully present and is a mind-reading type of lover than can assess what his partner wants and just how to give it — but she must be aware he needs that affection given back 110%. Yes, he has a tendency to be a taker more than a giver and a bottom more than a top, but he does have a romantic imagination and will lay the one he loves on a bed of roses if need be, and as long as you prefer spooning him than being spooned, then expect him at his best.

His Type:

Jason is looking for a permanent wet-nurse that can be his cohort in love, feeding into his ego and neediness like there are endless tomorrows. She is a lady that has to look good, because image is majorly important to him. She must be able to read in-between the lines and hold back judgment on his behavior, as she must understand that he isn’t the most consistent person and if she wants it to work, she is going to be the one to be able to take him by the balls to set down the rules. If she lets him lead, she’ll only crash into a wall because his long-term thinking isn’t very good and he can tend to act out in the moment or short change people in exchange for instant gratification. Sure, he’s loyal at the end of the day to whom he chooses, but what that brings can tend to be questionable, as even he isn’t so clear about what he wants. For him, his best type is a lady he admires with mothering qualities, but can rule with an iron fist.

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