How Do You Tell An Ex You Want To Have Sex?

I was just, um, checking missed connections on Craigslist (a favorite hobby of mine) and came across this random request for advice. This guy is having dinner with a former girlfriend tonight, and he wants to sleep with her but doesn’t know how to let her know he’d like to have sex but doesn’t want to get back together. “I jsut [sic] want to make sure I’m not sending her mixed messages or something, as I would not want to make it hard or confusing for her.” How kind of sweet that he’s being honest about his intentions and acting totally concerned about leading her on. Why do men like this only exist on the internet?! Hopefully he’s not using this to attract women who think he’s a nice guy though. That would be kind of genius. If you have advice for him, email him. And let us know if he tries to pick you up.

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