Quickies!: “Heathers” The Musical!

  • Remember that really dark comedy “Heathers”? Yeah, how could you forget considering it’s the best movie ever!? Well, it’s going to be a musical! We can’t wait to hear “I love my dead gay son” as a lyric or song title. [THR.com]
  • A domestic abuse survivor, who was nearly killed as a teenager by her boyfriend, has a message for Rihanna — leave Chris Brown now, before it’s too late. [Your Tango]
  • First President Obama helps make birth control pills affordable for college students. Now he’s established the White House Council on Women and Girls, whose aim is to ensure that the government considers how its policies impact females. He’s got girl power! [CNNPolitics.com]
  • The sexiest vampire around, Robert Pattinson, is on the cover of GQ. [GQ.com]
  • Is Jennifer Lopez channeling Mariska Hargitay in this photo or is she just wearing a crap-load of makeup. Also, I’m sad to hear J.Lo is back in the studio. She’ll probably use the autotune like every other crappy singer nowadays. [Dlisted]
  • The Jonas Brothers have just announced they’re designing a clothing line for tweens modeled on the stuff they wore on tour. Umm, do tween boys really want to dress like them? I guess to get girls they do. [Perez Hilton]