Threats To Masculinity Lead To Depressed Men

Although men and women have experienced more equal employment opportunities in recent decades, men still connect their masculinity to their role as breadwinner. And when men feel insecure about their jobs or fear becoming redundant at work, they’re more likely to be stressed or depressed than women, according to a study conducted in Britain by Cambridge University. More women than men have lost their jobs in Britain during the recession and a recent poll released earlier this year showed that women, more than men, were worried about losing their jobs, so you’d think women would be the depressed ones. Not so! Even when unemployed men found an insecure job, their psychological health didn’t improve. For unemployed women, on the other hand, finding an insecure job helped restore psychological health. Men may be better at saving face in a crisis, but women, it seems, are more equipped to deal with the crisis — after the tears and screaming, that is. [Reuters]