Is This Ad Misogynist?

The Museo Tamayo in Mexico City has created some shock-advertising that has left some viewers scratching their heads and some suggesting misogyny. In the ad, a woman stands in what one can assume is the museum, her finger on her chin as if contemplating a work of art hanging on the wall in front of her. In response to whatever it is she sees, her heart is exploding out of her chest in the shape of a gory fist. Shocking? You bet. Misogynist. I’m not so sure. Jossip seems to think the violent image is woman-hating: “Because nothing says modern art like a bloody fist violently ripping out of a woman’s chest.” Copyranter, on the other hand, just thinks it’s obnoxious. So, what do you think? To find out, check out the full graphic image after the jump.