How To Tell If A Guy Is Single

The absence of a wedding ring isn’t a tell-tale sign that cutie you’re crushing on is single. So here’s eight definite ways to tell if he’s single, you know, because we don’t want you to be embarrassed or heartbroken. And if you have any signs to add, let us know in the comments.

  1. His Ikea cart is loaded with dishes and pots.
  2. He’s in the frozen food aisle buying Hungry Man dinners. The rest of his cart is filled with beer and cereal.
  3. He’s standing in front of the washing machine at the laundromat, confused look on his face, clearly wondering why there’s only a card slot, not a coin slot.
  4. He still works out.
  5. His obviously straight guy buddies visit a lot.
  6. He only has photos of his dog and nieces and nephews on his desk.
  7. He’s shopping for a mattress alone.
  8. The thread count of his sheets are low. Very low.
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