Do You Struggle With Your Body Image?

“Do You Struggle With Your Body Image?” If you answer Margaret Ruth’s question with a “No,” you’re either a robot or a liar. But according to this guru, weight loss may have more to do with what’s in your heart rather than what’s in your stomach. The truth is, even a large-and-in-charge girl, like myself, can still look in the mirror after packing on a winter’s worth of extra pounds and frown. Now, I know this happens every year after the holidays, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking I’ve discovered some new formations of cellulite. Heck, maybe I should just get an astronomer to draw a map of the dimples in my thighs, that way I’ll know next year for sure if something has changed! But it’s that kind of negative thinking that is keeping me from being happy with myself and is even wrecking my ability to makes the changes I want.

According to Ruth, “The fastest way to get the body shape you like is to like the body shape you have. The clearest way to get the body shape you love is to love the exact shape of it now.” When you hate the way you look, you become insecure. When you doubt yourself, it then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, as you set unattainable goals and “fail” at reaching them — and the effects can be seen everywhere from your past to your behind. If you accept yourself, in your rawest form, than nothing you do, whether it’s gain or lose weight, can destroy your value and feelings of self-worth. And seriously, should a couple of gooey, delicious Twinkies be able to do that kind of damage?

Besides, anyone who has ever tried meeting people at a bar can tell you, no one body type, group of facial features or any of that other surface level stuff is sexy to everyone. Sometimes the most busted looking ho wins the heart of the gorgeous hottie you had your eye on all night! Clearly, attraction is individual. Some people just don’t think tall skinny blondes are all that, just like some people aren’t into short, fat, loud mouth sex bloggers. Hey, to each their own! But just like RuPaul says every week on his “Drag Race,” “If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?!” Ruth takes it one-step further — if you don’t think you’re worthy, how are you ever going to do something for yourself?

So, let’s start there. Our first fitness goal, as we head into springtime’s strapless dresses and eventually bikini season, is to just like the way we look, winter weight and all.