Crop Tops Are Back And Other Unsexy Fashion Trends

Sadly, crop tops are making a resurgence, having been spotted at Topshop, on the Alexander McQueen runway, and on street-style icons like Rumi Neely. But we think this trend is baaaad because there’s so much room for error. The only place we’d like to see the crop top is on a “Beverly Hills, 90210″ marathon. We’re not just going to hate on the midriff top, though, because there are other fashion trends that want to be sexy, but are actually gross. [Refinery29]

Cut-off Shorts
Unless you’re starting a line of trailer park couture, leave the cut-off shorts alone.
The Exposed Bra
A bra is considered underwear for a reason.
Lamé Clothing
Although lamé has made a comeback, it should be avoided, unless you want to look like a fish.
Clear Platform Shoes
Yes, there are some people that think anyone can wear stripper shoes. Please stop!
Ultra-lowrise Jeans
The only people that should be familiar with this part of your anatomy are your man and your physician, not the Jane Does on the street.
G-String or Thong
It’s time we retire this one or save it for the professionals. Guys don’t like them, and they’re uncomfortable.
Mesh-back Shirt
Like the exposed bra, this style is really unflattering. Sure, a woman’s back can be sexy, but not when it’s draped in mesh.
Thigh-High Boots
Honestly, there’s no way to wear these boots without looking skanky. Save them for the bedroom, where you’re supposed to get propositioned.