10 Everyday Victories Worth Celebrating

The most recent edition of the K Chronicles, a comic strip on Salon, caught my eye this morning because it’s all about celebrating “life’s little victories,” like “reading a neat recipe you’d like to try…and you already have all the ingredients!” and “the one dollar bookstore actually has some good stuff.” As the strip says, we need to celebrate these everyday victories “now, more than ever,” so without further ado, after the jump are 10 Frisky-flavored victories to get excited about. Add your own in comments! 1. You keep having wild sex dreams about Jon Hamm.
2. All of the OPI nail polishes are 25% off at Rite Aid.
3. You win that dyed blue leather clutch you found on eBay for a steal.
4. He says he’ll call you tomorrow, and…HE DOES!
5. The wedding you somehow got suckered into being a bridesmaid in was just called off.
6. You finally remember to bring your cloth bags to the grocery store with you.
7. You’re not pregnant after all, just a little late is all.
8. The box dye you try at home to save money turns out even better than your usual $100 salon job.
9. There’s one espresso brownie left at Starbucks and NO ONE ELSE IN LINE.
10. You’ve lost weight everywhere but your tits.