Would Your Man Wear Meggings?

While Steven Tyler has been rocking the man legging since he made love in an elevator, now his spandex groin gauntlet has been picked up by couture designers and tastemakers in Europe. Tights aren’t just for super heroes and glam rockers anymore! Over the past few years, influential designers like Calvin Klein, Marni, Givency, John Galliano, Bernhard Willhelm, and Alexander McQueen have all sent male models down the runway in meggings, aka man leggings. Fashionistas are already calling it a full-on trend as comedian Russell Brand, Marc Jacobs, and British GQ senior editor Jonathan Heath have been spotted in the skinniest of pants. Heck, Russell can’t stop wearing his Sass & Bide ruched leggings made for ladies! But is this new twist on the tight pant going to sit well with every Tom, Dick, and Harry? When Marc Jacobs sent Kanye West a pair of the Louis Vuitton graffiti print leggings he’d been wearing, Kanye sported them as a scarf. Apparently even couture courageous Kanye is afraid of a brotherhood of these traveling pants! But is the outrageous rapper a sign that meggings won’t cross the pond, or do you think they have a shot at becoming the next big thing in American menswear?