GPS Is For S-E-X

GPS may prevent married couples from fighting over directions, but it’s also been helping single people mingle. A few new applications have been sticking the P right in GPS! While these programs might not be designed to help you locate your next sexy time, that certainly hasn’t stopped creative users from hitting it up for a hot spot. Here are three free iPhone and/or Blackberry apps that can sponsor your even freer love…

Playing tag during recess promised that a boy with a crush would chase you. Well, now that we’re all adults, the same game can get played sexy! This app scans for hotties (who have the same app) nearby and then shows you how to get at ‘em. You’re supposed to then tag them and move on — aka hit it and quit it. But who knows, they might just go from “You’re it!” to you’re the one that I want to play with tonight!

Don’t want to get stuck spending the night at some one night stand’s bachelor pad? Well, you don’t have to take two cars to maintain your freedom. Just use this app to call your booty a cab! Cab4Me can spot your location and give you local cab companies who are ready to help you hightail it outta there.

This application for your iPhone or Blackberry helps you locate the best bathrooms around. And as any club kid can tell you, the potty is a quick place to move the party in your pants too. Now, no one wants to go into some gross stink hole, but luckily this app can lead you to the cleanest, most discreet place based on user reviews and location.