Breaking News: Ladies Still Lovable After Breast Reduction Surgeries!

Recently, a guy wrote in to Times Online seeking some relationship advice. His girlfriend has size FF breasts, you see, and is considering a reduction surgery and he’s concerned his feelings for her will change if she goes through with it. He writes: “She says her breasts restrict her and weigh her down, but the operation sounds brutal. I love her the way she is and worry that I won’t feel the same about her afterwards. How can I persuade her to change her mind?”
So, let me get this right: this guy says he loves his girlfriend, but is worried that he somehow won’t love her the same way anymore once she no longer suffers from crippling back pain and the expense and inconvenience of having her bras custom-made by turbo Russian seamstresses? I can say from personal experience, breast reduction surgery not only makes a woman more lovable, it makes her sexier and more fun, too! After I had breast reduction surgery, I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders — not just literally, but metaphorically as well. I couldn’t wait to test drive my new girls, buy a new wardrobe, and wear the pretty, frilly bras I never could fit into before. I wasn’t in a serious relationship at the time, but you better believe, if I had been and my boyfriend tried to persuade me to change my mind before having the surgery, I would have kicked him to the curb faster than you can say 34 Triple-D. I’ll take a new set of ta-ta’s over some dick any day.