Bonnie Sheds New Light On “Bachelor” Drama

Yesterday afternoon I happened to switch on “The Bonnie Hunt Show,” a program I don’t normally watch (honestly!), just as Bonnie was introducing “The Bachelor”‘s Jason Mesnick and his Bachelorette, Molly Malaney. Last week I was on vacation in Central America, but by some grace of God, my hotel had satellite cable and I was able to catch the finale and both “After The Final Rose” shows (much to my boyfriend’s chagrin). I also might have flipped through the People that featured Jason on the cover while I waited to board my flight back to the States, so I was pretty up on what was going on in “Bachelor”-land despite missing some of the TV interviews last week. Still, there were some juicy revelations in this two part Bonnie Hunt interview — which clocks in at a whopping 17 minutes, 6 seconds, so grab some popcorn and get comfy. Pay particular attention to the little nugget of info shared at the tail-end of part two (clip after the jump, at around 8:50 or so), which sheds some new light on all the drama.

I also love the big-time grilling Bonnie gives Jason and how she calls him out for having a certain “pattern” and suggests that he got seduced by the story and if he were really the Good Guy he tries to make himself out to be he would have sat down with Melissa before the final show and asked, “How would you like me to gracefully handle this with respect for your heart?” Of course, he answers with some bulls**t response that the “cameras don’t matter” or something. Meanwhile, you just know inside he’s all, “Wassup, DeAnna, I scored the cover of People, biyatch!”