Is Rihanna The Next Nicole Brown?

Linda Fairstein, a former chief prosecutor for the New York County D.A.’s Special Victims Unit, says Rihanna will end up like Nicole Brown if she reconciles with Chris Brown. Both Rihanna and Nicole were or are in the age group of women, 16 to 24, who face the highest rates of intimate partner violence when they began their relationships with violent men. There were many people who witnessed O.J. Simpson’s abuse of Nicole. Similarly, rumors are now surfacing that suggest the February altercation wasn’t the first time Chris allegedly assaulted Rihanna. Both fans of O.J. and Chris had/are having a difficult time believing the truth about these men whose charm has often gotten them ahead. Brown has supposedly made threats against Rihanna’s life like O.J. did to Nicole. And sadly, Rihanna and Nicole didn’t initially press charges against their violent partners. Using the “lethality factors” assessment method, a way for law enforcement to predict the escalating nature of violence against a victim, Fairstein believes the decision to press charges against Chris should be in the hands of the police and district attorney, because whether Rihanna knows it or not, her life is in danger. Some factors Fairstein points to are that this may not be the first time Chris assaulted Rihanna, that, according to the police report, he beat her severely and choked her, that he made threats to kill her, and that he was exposed to intimate violence within his own family. And that Chris, who was seen clubbing until 3 am the night after his first court appearance and was jet skiing the weekend of his reconciliation with Rihanna, may be ignoring the consequences of his actions and lacks remorse. All these factors, writes Fairstein, point to the likelihood that Chris will assault Rihanna again. What do you think? Is Rihanna the next Nicole Brown? Should Rihanna fear for her life? And should the D.A. prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law, with or without Rihanna’s cooperation? Let us know in the comments. [The Daily Beast]