“Help! I Swallowed My Engagement Ring!”

Your marriage proposal is meant to be romantic. It’s something you’re supposed to remember for the rest of your life. Well this couple will never forget how they got engaged. Reed Harris was trying to be sneaky when he hid an engagement ring in his girlfriend’s Frosty milkshake from Wendy’s. But when she gulped the sweet treat down fast, the ring was lost down her throat and headed for her stomach. X-rays confirmed the ring was chillin’ in her stomach — a bag of prunes and high fiber cereal later, she finally had her rock. But this isn’t the only unusual thing that’s happened to engagement rings and wedding bands. After the jump, five more weird stories that will remind you to never hide something valuable in food.

  • This fool put his $12,000 engagement ring into a helium balloon, planning on having his girlfriend pop the balloon as he popped the question. Helium, of course, has a mind of its own, and the balloon flew away. His girlfriend must have been infuriated.
  • An Arizona woman spent over $7,000 to get her wedding ring back after she dropped it down a restaurant toilet. I don’t know if I’d want it back after it’s been in a toilet, especially in a public restroom.
  • While making fudge, this woman’s wedding ring went missing. Guess where it turned up? Smothered in hot, gooey, fudgey chocolate.
  • A Pennsylvania man left his wedding ring on the roof of his car and drove off. A stranger found the ring and offered to give it back — but only if the man paid $1,000. Wow, whatever happened to being a Good Samaritan?
  • A husband accidentally threw out his wife’s engagement and wedding rings while they were on vacation at Disney World. But Disney employees dug through the trash to help the couple recover the lost rings. The happiest place on earth certainly provides SOME bad memories.