Chicago Sheriff Sues Craigslist

The Sheriff of Cook County is suing Craiglist. Chicagoan Tom Dart claims the site cost his department $100,000 in prostitution prosecution in 2008. Monitoring the erotic services section of the site alone has yielded big busts, including a ring of four men who were pimping girls as young as fifteen! In fact, in June 2008 they arrested 76 people involved in illegal sexual activities. Dart says he could chase working girls on the website all day, but instead, he’s going after the webmasters, or as he puts it, “I’m trying to go up the ladder.” While his cause is noble, his reasoning is backwards. Dart justifies his lawsuit by saying Craigslist earns a reported $80 million off sex trade ads, so they’re invested in keeping those windows for prostitution open. Yeah, but shutting down that part of the site is kicking them out the door! Once all those sex workers leave Craigslist and are off doing their own thing, how are you going to easily monitor them? Good friggin’ luck! And seriously, next time you’re going to sue, at least ask for a dollar amount that’s higher than what all the lawyers and legal proceedings are going to cost the state. [Chicago Breaking News]