Star Couplings: Britney Spears Is A Hardworking Mom, Miley’s Boyfriend’s Past Revealed

  • Britney Spears not only has to perform on tour, but she also has to spend quality time with her rugrats. Her life is so difficult. []
  • Chris Brown will not have to enter a plea for the two felony charges until April 6. By then, Rihanna will probably be pregnant. [Dlisted]
  • A source close to the Chris Brown camp says his defense will be “‘roid rage.” [Mediatakeout]
  • Nadya Suleman responds to the panicked 911 call released Wednesday in which she asked police to help her find her 5-year-old son. And guess what? She blames it on being pregnant. Shocker! []
  • Paris Hilton is helping Hayben Panettiere get over her breakup with Milo Ventimiglia by partying. This doesn’t look good for Hayden’s career. She’s tried to pick up Gerard Butler and Anthony Kiedis. []
  • Justin Gaston, Miley Cyrus’s boyfriend, used to enjoy getting close to the fellas. [Perez Hilton]