Perfume Erases Eight Years Of Age?

Forget eye creams, wrinkle creams, Botox, and cosmetic surgery because Ageless Fantasy perfume will erase eight years from your age. Certain scents, according to the company, remind people of youth. In a study cited by Ageless Fantasy, people were shown photographs of models while smelling grapefruits. All the male participants guessed the models to be three to eight years younger. The fragrance combines mango, pomegranate, grapefruit, jasmine, and musk because the company’s research found that 15 men thought these fruit smells were youthful, whereas the jasmine and musk smelled modern. In case you need further proof that people can smell your age, a study of only 22 people showed that women over 40 produce twice the amount of a particular pheromone associated with age. Is it just me or does all this “proof” sound bogus? My sense of smell has its good days and its bad days. On a good day, I’ll smell something that makes me nauseous. And on a bad day, I won’t smell my burning food until the smoke alarm goes off. So I think this perfume puts a lot of faith into people’s sense of smell. I mean we’re nothing like bloodhounds. And as for the study with the model photographs, haven’t these folks ever heard of Photoshop? Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if the 15 men surveyed about the youthful and modern scents worked for the company.