Kiss “The L Word” Goodbye

The final season of “The L Word” is almost over, tear! This Sunday, the last episode of the groundbreaking show will air. Ilene Chaiken, the creator of the Showtime hit, lamented that she thought there would be more gayelle hours of TV power on the air before hers came to an end. While LOGO has done a great job of identifying what we girls want to see — like the prison drama, “Bad Girls,” and”Curl Girls,” about lesbian surfers — what about the primetime networks?! We’ve taken it upon ourselves to pitch some shows we’d totally watch. Network execs, call us!

1. Dykes On Bikes: A reality show about the motorcycle mamas in the gay rights organization would be as bad ass as the hogs they ride.

2. Sorority House: A soft-core show about sorority girls is guaranteed to do well in the ratings and get a lot of crossover viewership. As much as we women would hate to admit it, we’d still like to watch a panty pillow fight!

3. My Two Moms: What about a lesbian mommies family sitcom?! They could deal with issues of adoption, motherhood and school yard bigotry all through a traditional family comedy with non-traditional parents!

4. Lesbian Love Connection: Take the ‘80s classic blind date show and hook up ladies! Chuck Woolery would have to be the host still, of course.

5. Super Lesbian!: An animated gayelle superhero could save the world and truly be a TV hero.