Barbie Has A Tramp Stamp

Totally Stylin’ Tattoos Barbie hit store shelves recently, and parents aren’t happy. What’s disturbing most parents is the “tattoo gun” that comes with each doll and allows children to put temporary tattoos on Barbie, her clothes, and themselves. “Now she’s teaching our little girls how to apply tramp stamps. Next she’ll have her very own Barbie’s Hot Brothel. Way to go Mattel,” said one parent. So basically, tattoos lead to prostitution? As someone who played with Barbie dolls until I was 13, is an adult collector, and has six-soon-to-be-seven tattoos, I’m rather offended.This Barbie, like others, will not cause the downfall of our society. That’s up to the adults, who have started pointless wars, gotten rich on the backs of others, and have set the beauty ideals that Barbie exhibits. Parents need to stop placing so much blame on outside entities and take responsibility themselves. That parent’s daughter wouldn’t know what a tramp stamp is unless her parents were falling down on the job. Sure, parents can’t be with their children 100 percent of the time, so children will inevitably learn or hear something that is inappropriate. But the parents should have a discussion with their kids about why such and such is inappropriate and should then set boundaries. My mom didn’t allow me to watch “Married with Children” when I was a kid because, as she explained to me, she didn’t like how Bud and Kelly disrespected their father. I didn’t sneak and watch the show and I don’t think any little girls will be sneaking to play with Totally Stylin’ Tattoos Barbie. That reminds me…these girls can’t play with this doll unless an adult buys it. So if parents take issue with itm which is just reflecting today’s generation, then, um, don’t buy it. [Lemondrop]