12 Sex Toys In Disguise

As part of the Love Design exhibit in Milan, Matteo Cibic developed a dildo so discreet it won’t just turn you on, it’s also a lamp! Slyly hidden under the base, the dildo is made of safe silicone and changes color when it’s in use. But, when you want to put it away, it gets covered up by a stylish platinum and white bedside light. While the lamp is just a prototype that we hope goes into production, it’s just one of many examples of how a little imagination can go a long way for masturbation. After all, sex toys make for adult fun, but nothing can kill the party in your pants quite like having your dirty little secret exposed. Manufacturers have risen to the challenge and have created clever packages for your naughty toys that even Nancy Drew wouldn’t be able to figure out. Phew! Check out a dozen sex toys in disguise to help you get off without raising an eyebrow, after the jump…

Fine China for your fine ass.

Eric Scollon’s Ceramic Butt Plug, $100 at Look-Boutique.com

It’s for your other lips.

Grrl Toyz Lipstick Vibrator in Hot Pink, $14.25 at Amazon.com

Pleasure is at your fingertips with this handy vibe.

Incognito Nail Polish Vibe, $15.95 at Adult Novelties 247

Get dirty while pretending to get clean!

Sensual Bath Buddy Sponge Vibrator, $22.89 at DiamanteSpace

This rubber ducky makes bath time lots of fun!

I-Rub-My-Duckie Vibrator, $19.95 at Better Sex

Forget your sleeve, wear this heart on your panties!

Clip-On Panty Rezzer, $16 at WildInSecret.com

Guaranteed to tickle you pink.

Mini-Max Waterproof Vibrating Makeup Brush, $11.46 at Amazon

Turn up the volume with this humming iPhone app.

iBrate, FREE on iTunes

Reach out and touch someone with this flip phone.

Vibra Phone, $11.25 at Saucy Minx Toy Box

Fix yourself up with this vibrating bullet and mirror combo.

Powder Puff Vibrator, $24.75 at Amazon

This ring is a little candy raver, but you’ll feel only natural ecstasy.

Hustler Vibrating Ring, $14.99 at Spencer’s Online

This mascara will give bedroom eyes!

Incognito Mascara Vibe, $24.99 at Gethandbag.com