Get Your Rocks Off: Love Songs To Stop The H8

Last May, after the California State Supreme Court’s groundbreaking civil rights decision that same sex marriage bans were unconstitutional, 18,000 couples, including Ellen and Portia, were finally able to tie the knot! However, in November, Proposition 8 passed by a narrow majority, putting all those wedding bands in jeopardy! Luckily, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger listened to the public outcry for equal rights and stepped in to try and terminate the proposition. Today, the court began hearing oral arguments over the legality of outlawing gay marriage and promised a verdict in 90 days. So, while we gals at The Frisky keep our fingers crossed that love will conquer all the H8, after the jump listen to 10 sweet songs that show just how beautiful a same sex union can be!

1. “The Night I Fell In Love,” Pet Shop Boys
2. “Crazy Little Thing Called Love, ”Queen
3. “Romeo and Juliet,” Indigo Girls
4. “Gloria,” Patti Smith
5. “Oh L’Amour,” Erasure
6. “Somebody to Love,” George Michael
7. “If It Isn’t Her,” Ani DiFranco
8. “Big Gay Heart,” Lemonheads
9. “My Sweet Prince,” Placebo
”Chapel of Love,” Elton John