Five Things To Know About Nicole Murphy

Nicole Murphy has been dating Michael Strahan since 2007, but she definitely hasn’t been faithful that whole time. How do I know? Well, Strahan, who is known for his defensive prowess on the gridiron, placed a GPS tracking device in her car, not once, but twice. And she was still able to carry on a clandestine affair with Universal Records A&R exec Demetrius Spencer for nearly a year. I’m guessing she learned a thing or two about keeping a secret during her marriage to Eddie Murphy, who has a thing for transsexuals. Learn more about her, after the jump… [New York]

  1. Nicole and Eddie Murphy have five children, four daughters and one son, together. Before they were married she thought she’d only have two children.
  2. Nicole received $15 million in the divorce settlement, which was finalized in 2006.
  3. She not only received a hefty amount of money after the divorce, but also listed two palatial estates, one in Calabassas and another in Sacramento, for $8,495,000 and $6,500,000, respectively.
  4. Nicole started her modeling career when she was 10.
  5. And she’s friends with Melanie Brown, who gave birth to Eddie’s daughter in 2007. I’m sure y’all remember the paternity fiasco between Eddie and Scary Spice.