Star Couplings: Madonna Gets “It,” John Edwards Makes Confession

  • Madonna supposedly received 100 copies of “It,” Stephen King’s horror movie/book, because Guy Ritchie refers to her as “It” and has compared her to Pennywise, the villain clown who kills children. This is even funnier than when he said her body was like gristle. [Perez Hilton]
  • Melissa Rycroft from “The Bachelor” had an inkling she’d be dumped on national TV, according to the show’s host. []
  • John Edwards supposedly confessed to his dying wife Elizabeth that he did indeed father a child with Rielle Hunter. How gutsy John! []
  • Justin Timberlake helped Jessica Biel celebrate her birthday in New York City yesterday. They really didn’t do anything interesting, which is fitting for this bland couple. [Just Jared]
  • Rumor has it, Beyonce and Jay-Z not only sleep in separate beds while on the road, but also separate hotels. [Mediatakeout]