Chris Brown And Rihanna Update: The Bloody Lamborghini, A Meeting With Tina Turner, & A Wedding?

Yesterday, we told you Rihanna supposedly plans to testify on behalf of Chris Brown, but everyday we learn more and more (rumors) about this surprising incident. I wholeheartedly believe she has gone back to him, and they will embark on a tumultuous and violent on-again-off-again relationship. I predict people will eventually stop caring about this pair, but until then, we’ll continue updating folks.

  • Photos of the inside of Brown’s Lamborghini supposedly show a pool of Rihanna’s blood and signs of a struggle — a missing cigarette lighter, a piece of plastic on the passenger’s side floor, and finger prints that indicate she tried to prevent him from pulling her to the driver’s side. There are also Juicy Fruit gum wrappers in the car. As you know, Brown had an endorsement from Wrigley’s until they dropped him. This is soooo not the publicity they want.
  • Apparently, Rihanna and Brown not only reunited over the weekend in Miami, but also allegedly had a secret wedding. Because, as a source puts it, she “believes in fairy tales and wants to live hers with Chris.” I don’t remember anything about Prince Charming beating the crap out of Cinderella. But whatever.
  • Jay-Z, Rihanna’s mentor, has sent “Hip Hop Secret Service” to make sure she stays safe, and he’s supposedly trying to arrange a meeting between Rihanna and Tina Turner, who, as a domestic violence survivor, would hopefully talk some sense into Rihanna. As someone who has tried to “talk some sense” into another abuse victim, something tells me Rihanna will not abandon this relationship until she is good and ready. Also, Rihanna is considering rhinoplasty because she thinks her nose is healing unevenly.
  • Another punk gave his two cents on the incident, but then took it back. Initially, Usher said he was “disappointed” Brown was sunbathing and jet skiing when he should have been keeping a low profile. But then his camp issued a statement saying Usher’s words were taken out of context and he didn’t mean to pass judgment. Usher even went so far as to apologize to anyone who was offended. I really don’t get why an apology was even necessary. I mean, isn’t everyone disappointed in Brown? Why is everyone so afraid of pissing him off. Oh wait, that’s right. He packs a mean punch.