RuPaul’s Drag Race: Ongina Gets The Boot

Last night, the Queen of all Queens, RuPaul, had to cast off a contestant from her “Drag Race.” And sadly, she picked cute-as-a-button Ongina, who, in the last episode, won the MAC makeup challenge to become the spokesmodel for their AIDS charity. Winning also gave her the courage to bravely admit on national television that she was HIV positive. When it comes to being fierce, there is no one fine-ah then Ongina! So, WTF, Ru?! Seriously, how could they let trashy-talking and dressing Rebecca Glasscock (who always looks like she just came off the set of a gonzo porno in her hiked up homemade spandex outfits) stay, while my precious Ongina sashayed away? Oh Ongina, I’m going to miss you like the desert misses the rain…tear! Read the poem I wrote in honor, after the jump…
Ode To Ongina

O is for the extra hole you should have gotten at birth,
N is for your naughty ways,
G is for the good times you’ve brought with your cheeky mirth,
I is for the impish inspiration your MAC Viva Glam Campaign will bring,
N is for the nods you’ve gotten for shakin’ your groove thing,
A girl like you is a diamond in the rough, we’re totes gonna miss you hot stuff!