Celebs Sure Do Love Wearing Tights As Pants

lady gaga no pants slideshow c jpg
We all know the economy isn’t in the best of places, but it seems like things have gotten so bad that even celebrities are having trouble buying clothes, namely pants. Mary-Kate Olsen might have pioneered the leggings-as-pants trend years ago, but nowadays we’re making our way into tights-as-pants territory, which is a lot more questionable. Maybe leggings keep starlets legs too thick in the warm California climate, plus tights are half the price (and provide half the coverage!). It’s not just trashy celebrities forgetting to put their skirts on, either. The normally classy singer Duffy performed on German TV wearing a heels, a blazer, and fishnets (yes, her butt peaked out). We’re hoping this tights-as-pants business will subside soon. However, the new boots-as-pants trend will probably pick up wear the tights left off.

The day Lady Gaga wears pants will be noteworthy.

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