Yaz Birth Control Promised Too Much

The old Yaz commercial that overstates the drug’s benefits.
We’ll post the new ad ASAP!

Back in October, the Food and Drug Administration demanded that Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals say goodbye to the claims made in previous Yaz birth control pill commercials. As it turns out, Yaz isn’t approved to cure pimples or PMS, so the FDA and attorneys general from 27 states have required Bayer to correct previous marketing with a new $20 million ad campaign, which we’ve started seeing on TV. “You may have seen some Yaz commercials recently that were not clear,” an actress says in the new corrective commercial. “The FDA wants us to correct a few points in those ads.” Along with clarifying that the contraceptive pill won’t maintain clear skin or treat PMS, the new ads also point out the potential health risks associated with the drug, which were downplayed in previous ads. The whole thing comes across like an embarrassing, “Oops! We messed up big time!” apology from Bayer. We’ll put up the new commercial as soon as we can! [New York Times]