Not In Every “Woman’s World”

Only In A Woman’s World” is a collection of webisodes presented by the makers of Baked! Lays, Flatearth, and Smartfoods snacks, in which four girlfriends share their trials and tribulations while snacking healthily. Each webisode centers around some rom-com cliche, like the out-of-shape mom going bathing suit shopping or the young woman whose world ends because her stylist is switching salons. But yummy, nutritious snacks save the day! “Only in a Woman’s World” really isn’t a bad idea, especially as a advertising ploy. I actually enjoyed reading a little background on each of the characters, their occupations, embarrassing moments, etc. But I would have found the webisodes more entertaining if they weren’t so trite and stereotypical. Am I asking too much from something that is basically an extended commercial? Were you entertained by the “Only in a Woman’s World”? Let us know in the comments.