Teen Trying To Stop The World From Cussing

A 15-year-old in LA is trying his darnedest to create a cuss-free week in California, and eventually worldwide. This year, McKay Hatch will settle for Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors naming the first week of March “No Cussing Week,” which they’re set to do tomorrow. Hatch, a 10th grader at South Pasadena High School, started the No Cussing Club in seventh grade when he noticed his friends starting to swear, which his family forbids. As you may have guessed, poor Hatch gets a lot of sh… er, crap, for his goody-two-shoes behavior. According to the Associated Press, he’s “the target of organized harassment by pro-cussers.” We want to know whether Hatch will continue his club, which supposedly has more than 20,000 members, when puberty really sets in and he wants to get laid. [AP]

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