The Girls Of Hedsor Hall: What Makes You Feel Like A Lady?

Today at noon, MTV is turning out the ladies! No, not in their typical Spring Break style, but real, proper ladies. They’ve taken a smattering of girls gone wild and sent them to a British finishing school in hopes that they’ll reform and refine themselves (or at least stop drawing on their eyebrows!). As students at Hedsor Hall, they’re guided by a team of etiquette experts. Alongside transformed party girl and former Miss USA, Tara Connor, are two tough teachers from the institution who previously worked their magic on the awesome Sundance show called “Ladette to Lady.” Now, they’re teaching their old world charms to these young bitches.

To begin the process, the students are first given a uniform and a string of pearls. Needless to say, this isn’t the kind of pearl necklace these girls are used to getting. It’s an unbelievably effective gesture, as you can see the pride they feel as they put them on. But if they’re expelled for bad behavior, they must return the symbolic strand. I know nothing makes me feel like a lady quite like my pearl earrings. I wear them everyday, even when I’m just running to the supermarket. It’s amazing how a simple thing like jewelry can transform you into a woman. There are just so many fancy perks to being female! So, I got to know, what makes you feel like a lady? Fill in the blank.