Miss Manners: Public Restroom Etiquette

It’s often assumed that women are the cleaner sex, but when it comes to public restrooms we often forget our manners. Since we’re tired of seeing and hearing inappropriate things in the restroom, we thought we’d remind ourselves and you of public restroom etiquette. We’ll be posting this in the restroom down the hall.

  • Don’t go next to an occupied stall if there are others available. Although it’s a public restroom, some women like the illusion of privacy.
  • And on that note, don’t try to have a conversation with someone while they’re going. You might do it with your significant other at home, but your BFF and coworkers don’t want to know you that well.
  • In fact, the restroom isn’t a place for private conversations unless you and your friend are the only ones present. Some women are shy, and others just don’t want to offend you, so give them some privacy.
  • If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be sweet and wipe the seat. This goes without saying, but some of you ladies can be really inconsiderate (and messy).
  • Also, always look back to make sure everything has been flushed, even if it’s an automatic toilet. No one ever welcomes a turd surprise.
  • If you know the cleaning person rarely empties the little garbage inside the stall, then carry your un-flushable refuse to the main garbage. After a couple of days, those things can start to reek.
  • When someone is waiting to wash their hands move away from the sink. You can fix your hair or apply makeup when she’s done.
  • And if there’s no paper in the stall you just used, it’s courteous to warn the next woman waiting in line.