In Bed With … Hugh Jackman

Born: October 12, 1968 in Sydney, Australia
Sun Sign: Libra
Ascendant: Unknown
Moon: Gemini
Mercury: Libra
Venus: Scorpio
Mars: Virgo

Love Style:

Most likely any boy or girl who didn’t have a crush on Hugh before the Oscars got a major case of the panty sweats post Oscar, as he’s a triple threat of not only the stage, but of gentlemanly sex appeal too. Charm oozes out of this man and its no surprise his love life is just as deliriously cute too. He’s a true romantic that thrives in partnerships, thinking of his other half literally as just that — an extension of himself with a tendency to be an instinctual giver too. However, being that he is mentally ruled, he’s not as emotional as one would idealize, but he’s fun, clever and delightful and his love style prizes companionship as it were his god. Although it does take time to get close to him, once he surrenders, he’s not one to hold back and will have to contend to dealing with his otherwise passive jealous side, despite his always-cool demeanor. Yes, class and composure is his thing and no doubt with romance, he’s also out to find his perfect match in style too, but at the end of the day, to him love is all about being with your favorite partner in crime to laugh and love the days away.

Sex Style:

Wolverine isn’t a man that follows the rules. When it comes to sex, he tends to be spontaneous, daring and loves to follow his curiosities wherever they lead him and to whomever. He loves with a strong passion and is driven by sex, however in a non-linear way. Chances are he is prone to being adaptable to either sex, as well as any situation. Open to trying new things, he approaches sex like a learning experience, something that teaches him about the depths of himself with a good and bad twist. With the one he loves, this means always striving to make the connection more intense and other-worldly, but with someone he isn’t emotional about, he can turn crass, almost using him or her as if there were a sex toy — disposing them just as quickly as he can get hot for them. Emotions with sex tend to be rare for him, as he can easily separate sex from love. To bring out the best in him, requires someone that he find mysterious, clever and controlled.

His Type:

Looks matter, but Hugh’s not about conventional beauty. Ideally, his partner has a quirky attractiveness, whose strength comes from her intellect and savoir-faire. By far mental pursuits are more his thing than emotional, spiritual and physical ones and he prides himself for wanting a partner on that level. For him, finding a connection comes through communication and he sees partnership as an ethereal art form, with a fun repartee that keeps him wanting more. Yes, Mr. Jackman is a guy that likes a lady that can be several steps ahead of him and knows how to put him in his place, as that’s the only kind he can trust. Otherwise, having to take responsibility to be the one in the driver’s seat is not his cup of tea. At the heart of it, he is a man of artsy and leisurely pursuits, living to enjoy life stylishly, dealing with details and responsibilities only when necessary. In a nutshell, a whip-smart left-of-center beauty that can be a disciplinarian and has a penchant for creative adventure, while being able to switch from bottom to top without batting an eye is the lady of his dreams.

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