Frisky Hate Mail: We’re All Pathetic Skanks

We get a lot of mail from readers, some insanely flattering, some helpful (thanks for doing a little free copy-editing for us, guys!), and plenty of nasty hate mail. With that in mind, we’re going to post some of the best reader mail we get from time to time, because we totally appreciate that you even take the time to write!

From: [email protected]
Sent: Thu 02/26/2009 06:21 PM

“Male version of CNN article “How to Avoid Falling in Love”:
1) Only date fat chicks.
2) Date chicks who pay for dinner. In other words, date VERY LITTLE.
End of article.

I’m going to complain to CNN until they stop publishing you pathetic skanks.

A guy who avoids chlamydia by not having sex with girls like you.”

Honestly, my case of chlamydia is so offended, it’s avoiding YOU.