Five Things To Know About White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers

Desirée Rogers, 49, is the White House social secretary and a longtime friend of President and Michelle Obama. This former Chicago business executive and fashion lover is bringing fun to the White House. After the jump, a primer on this smart and stylish woman.1. Rogers is originally from New Orleans. She was introduced to the first lady through her former husband, who played basketball with Michelle Obama’s brother, Craig Robinson, at Princeton.

2. Her role as White House social secretary isn’t her first time in the spotlight. Not only was she a regular at social events and fundraising galas in Chicago, but she hosted a lottery game show on local TV in the ’90s.

3. Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour seems to like Rogers and her sense of style. She first appeared in the magazine in 2004 and was featured again in the February issue. Not only has Rogers been seen in the magazine’s pages, but she also sat next to Wintour at the Thakoon fashion show earlier this month. Her favorite designers include Carolina Herrera, Isabel Toledo, Viktor & Rolf, and Valentino.

4. She’s a smart lady. Rogers earned a BA from Wellsely College in political science and an MBA from Harvard University. And she doesn’t want you to think she’s just a party planner — she told NPR that overall strategy for events at the White House is her first priority.

5. Her last job was president of social networking at Allstate Financial. Before that she was the president of Peoples Gas. Along with her careers, she has always made time to contribute to her community. She is vice chairman of the board of trustees of the Lincoln Park Zoo and the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, as well as a member of the 2016 Olympic Cultural Committee.

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