Crave: Weleda Everon Lip Balm

There was a period of time when our handbag contained 15 different kinds of lip gloss, balm, and other assorted goo that we used depending on the occasion. There was one that made our pout look more kissable, one for when our lips were really chapped, and another when we wanted to resemble Dita Von Teese, only with clothes on. Now, we’re a one-balm kind of girl, and Weleda Everon is our soul mate. [$5,]

We’re giving away five Weleda Everon Lip Blams, but you have to work if you want your lips to be properly moisturized. The five best commenters for this coming week — from today, Friday, Feb. 27 through Thursday, March 5 — will be awarded with one. So, be as clever, smart, and original as you can! Click HERE to read the official rules.