How Short Men Can Dress To Impress

Short guys got the, um, short end of the stick. They have trouble getting girls. They make less money (an extra inch is equal to an additional $30,000 salary). And they can’t find clothes that fit. Men who are on the shorter side don’t find their sizes at department stores and retailers — there’s no size “petit” (that’s the masculine of petite). Their basic options: to shop in the kids department, which is cheaper, but demoralizing, or to get bigger clothes tailored, which can result in odd proportions. There is another choice they can make, though: to suck up the fact that they are vertically challenged and shop at stores made for short men. It’s true, there aren’t many, but The Wall Street Journal featured one this week. It’s called “Jimmy Au’s For Men 5’8″ and Under” and sizes start at 34 extra-short. While it’s wonderful that there’s a place that sells clothes that fit the one in three men in this country who are under 5’8″, wouldn’t it suck to have to answer the question, “Where did you get that handsome suit?” For women, I imagine an equivalently named store would be “Sandra’s For Women Whose Bra Size Is 34AA and Smaller.”