Doing The Math: Is Red Wine Good Or Bad For You?

I’m a wino. I’ll admit it. I like to end the day with a glass of red wine or three. Is that so wrong? Apparently, to some, you know, scientists, it is. On a fairly regular basis a new study is released that associates my beloved nectar with either disease and death (cancer!) or vitality and life (good cholesterol!). So which is it? Just this week, a new study was released that says drinking a glass of red wine a day increases a woman’s chances of getting breast cancer by a quarter. I decided to weigh the positives and negatives of drinking red wine to find out conclusively if I should give up my vice for good — or pour myself another glass.RED WINE...
…prevents lung cancer in smokers. +2
…increases trigylcerides (bad blood lipids). -1
…weight gain due to empty calories. -1
…improves health and lifespan. +1
…protects from the ill effects of obesity. +1
…increases the risk of breast cancer. -3
…increases endurance and results in energy-charged muscles and reduced heart rate. +1
…raises HDL (good) cholesterol and prevents LDL (bad) cholesterol. +3
…prevents blood clotting. +1
…prevents blood clots and plaque formation in the arteries. +1


Waiter, I’ll have another.

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