Trend: Celebs Prove They’re Not Deadbeat Dads By Designing Kids Clothing

Everybody thinks they can design clothes nowadays. Jessica Simpson wants to launch a curvy fashion line; Beth Ditto is coming out with her own plus-size line of clothing; and Daisy Fuentes is launching a reasonably priced line at WalMart. But the biggest trend right now seems to be celebrity fathers getting into the fashion biz and launching children’s clothing lines. Fashion may not be their calling, but their children have inspired them so much that they are taking a chance on launching what they all seem to think will be trendy and fashion-forward with the kiddies…
Kevin Federline has done everything under the sun to be popular. He married Britney Spears. He tried rapping and acting. Now he wants to give it a go in the fashion industry. Federline says that given the state of the economy, he wants to create a clothing line that’s affordable for parents, and that he couldn’t imagine spending $200 for a pair of True Religion jeans for his kids. Who spends $200 for jeans on kids anyway? Britney Spears is finally doing well enough to win back more visitation with her kids — is he worried that she’ll be able to make the case that she deserves joint or full custody? Sure, he was named “Father of the Year” by Details magazine — but that was two years ago.

LL Cool J got into the fashion industry awhile ago with his hip-hop inspired collection, Fubu. Now he’s taking a shot at a children’s line for Sears. LL says because he has three daughters, he knows what kids look for in clothing. He also said he wants to make the clothes “relaxed and sexy.” Umm, LL, sweetie. Maybe you should reconsider that kids clothing line because no parent will dress their children in anything “sexy.”

Charlie Sheen also thinks his great parenting skills with daughters Sam and Lola, will be a reflection of his designing skills. He’s created Sheen Kidz and the clothes will be at the trendy LA boutique, Kitson. Sheen Kidz will be a 75-piece girls-only line and the prices will range from $20-$75. His ex wife, Denise Richards is probably so upset she didn’t think of designing clothes before he did.

Fatherhood also inspired Joel Madden to design a clothing line for babies. He already runs fashion label DMCA. The black-and-white line features mini-versions of DCMA designs including their trademark brass-knuckle logo and other cute, but rock-inspired details like skulls, lightening bolts, hearts and roses. Now Joel, Harlow and the new baby can all dress alike.

I wonder who thinks they are creative enough to take a chance with the kids fashion line next. I’m betting on Lil’ Wayne, Larry Birkhead, or the OctoMom. She definitely needs the dough.