Study Shows That Beauty Is In The Gender Of The Beholder

A recent study says women and men view beauty differently. Yeah, we kind of already suspected that. But now there is proof to back it up! Apparently, women use their whole brain to absorb beauty, whereas men use the right side of their brains. The study tested the brain activity of 10 men and 10 women while they were looking at paintings and photos of urban scenes and landscapes. They were asked to rate the scene as either beautiful or not beautiful. At the same time that they were looking at images, scientists mapped their brain activity using imaging technology. They then examined the magnetic fields produced by electrical currents in their brains and discovered that during the first 300 milliseconds, there was no difference between the male and female brains. In both men and women, the parietal lobe, which deals with visual perception and information processing, was the most active, but in men it was focused on the right side of the brain, while for women, both sides of the brain were involved.

So what does this mean in language the rest of us who didn’t get a PhD in science can understand? So basically, if men only use part of the brain to see beauty, they only need to be buzzed to go home with an ugly girl, whereas women need to be completely wasted to go home with an ugly guy. However, both will totally regret it in the morning.