Ask The Astrosexologist: Should I Try A Serious Relationship With My Virgo Man?

For four years I’ve been dating a man on and off. We were both very happy and we had great chemistry. He wanted to establish a serious relationship, but due to our hectic schedules, we cooled things off for a while. Now he wants to start dating me again and the chemistry is still there. He says he still has feelings for me, but I’m tired of the on and off again relationship. Do you think that this will become serious? My birth date is 6/20/67 at 12:38 pm and his is 8/24/75. – UncertainObviously you still have feelings for each other, the chemistry is there and it seems the ball is already rolling in that direction. However, if you don’t want a crash and burn mission again, this will mean using your Gemini brains to take what you have learned, apply it to this new situation, and avoid the same fate. This will mean taking control, despite your evasive mercury in Cancer method of talking, and communicating as directly as possible — as in, discussing in full detail what you both want, where you want this relationship to go, what you’re willing to sacrifice, etc. — all the questions that need to be asked to make you comfortable enough to know how serious he is. Since you have a four year history, being this frank now shouldn’t be a shock, no matter how awkward it might be initially. You will have to set down some ground rules and really be vigilant about being open with each other, as wasting any more time on being wishy-washy iis doing no one any good — especially you.

As for your astrological compatibility, there is no such thing as complete or incomplete compatibility. There is always a mix of challenges. For you two, since mercurial signs rule you both, communication and intellectual matters are a priority and where the most issues arise. Your signs square each other, which means tension. While you’re more straightforward, he’s detailed and reserved. The goods news is that since your ascendant is in Virgo, it mixes well with his sun sign, so you’re able to get on the same wavelength long enough to problem solve. Plus, your Mars placements are compatible, which makes chemistry and sex always something you can count on. In general, you have a nice flow of energy together and the ability to be somewhat fair with one another if you discuss feelings and ideas.

Overall though, you have the stronger planets in your chart, making you more outspoken and willing to take charge. Even though your have mercury in Cancer, which makes your method of communication a bit sideways, you’re going to have to be the one that should assume the position of boss and tell this Virgo man how it’s going to be done. This means you need to have the more definitive plan and ideas for him to follow. This will best suit him, as he’s better as a passenger than as a driver. Not that you should always be the domineering one, but think of it as being the confident one that can express herself clearly. Otherwise, leaving it up to him to set the pace in your relationship will leave things more unclear, as his sun (Virgo) and moon (Pisces) are more receptive and give you a lesser chance of getting your relationship on stable ground.

Just remember though, astrology is not about reading fate, but showing what kind of energies are working for and against you, and understanding freewill is always the one in control — use all this info to the best of your ability and good luck with heading to the love life of your dreams!

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