Quickies!: Paula Abdul Doesn’t Like 4th Idol Judge & Meat Grinder Causes Accident With Penis

  • Paula Abdul isn’t hiding the fact she is not pleased with the addition of a fourth judge to “American Idol.” Retract the claws girl. [NY Post]
  • It was no secret the Obamas were getting a dog after they moved into the White House, but now they have announced what kind of dog they are getting. Sasha and Malia are going to take great care of the family pet too.[People]
  • Alaska Governor and former Republican VP candidate, Sarah Palin, will reimburse the state of Alaska $7,000 for the travel costs associated with nine trips taken by her kids. Well, at least she’s paying it back. [AOL]
  • Gross! A man injured his penis after coming in contact with a meat grinder. The details are still really sketchy. Probably because this is totally embarrasing. [Flisted]
  • Lisa Wu, from “Real Housewives of Atlanta” is suing her ex-husband, popular R&B star Keith Sweat. She’s going after everything too including full custody of the kids. [DListed]
  • “Dancing With The Stars” hasn’t even started yet, and contestant Jewel may already have to drop out due to an injury. That sucks! [Perez Hilton]