Job Disqualifications: Eight Types Of Men You Can’t Work With

According to “Page Six,” Parker Posey tipped a babelicious bartender 50 bucks on two glasses of wine. Clearly the recession isn’t affecting her hot pocket! But Parker, baby girl, hitting on a bartender is like trying to hold a rainbow. Sure, something about a man serving you is pretty darn seductive, but every girl in the room is getting his attention. Certain men are just hazardous to date because of how they earn their paycheck doesn’t allow them to value you. Here are some jobs that taint your chance at romance…

Bartender: He gets paid to flirt and you like the way he serves you a heavy pour. So, while he may seem like a prince, his palace is paid for because he’s charming. Every woman finds him sexy, especially after he serves up a couple alcoholic beverages.
Banker: Sure, he’s got dough to blow on you, but it gives him a sense of entitlement. When he tallies up your bill, you’ve got to pay up! A man who is constantly chasing money, expects it’ll buy him everything else he wants.
Actor: He’s good looking, entertaining, and open with his emotions — a winning combination! But, you can never love him as much as an audience and that’s the grandiose display of affection he really wants and needs.
Lawyer: Always willing to fight for what he wants, lawyers can be so sexy during the chase. But beware, a lawyer always has to have the mental upper hand and he is judgmental of everything and everyone. Plus, he withholds information to keep his advantage. So, in addition to sexy times, he will mindf**k you too.
Musician/DJ: A man with a lot of pent up emotions and a guitar (or turntables) needs his feelings validated by hordes of women passionately swooning to his songs. But in his ideal world, he gets what he wants and then he leaves town! Music is the wide net he casts to seduce a whole bunch of party girls with his softer side. Alas, every rose has its thorn.
Politician: It’s his job to make people believe him. He knows just what to say, but then what does he do? He needs to win to get off. Power is his aphrodisiac.
Psychiatrist: He’ll spend his life trying to understand you, but constantly having your emotions scrutinized is a lot of pressure. Often, that kind of analysis makes you less able to be real. Do you want to be a patient or crazy in love?
Business Man: A hustler is constantly looking for his next conquest. He’s always got his eyes out for opportunities that might arise. Will he ever see you as being the best deal of his life?