How Same-Sex Marriage Could Save The Economy

Besides making a lot of gay and lesbian couples very happy, extending marriage to same-sex couples would help the economy, according to a report from the Williams Institute School of Law at UCLA. The report only covered the state of Maine, but in that state alone it is estimated that there would be $60 million in economic gains within three years with as many as 1,000 new jobs created. After the jump, eight ways we think same-sex marriage would help the economy.1. Marriage Licenses
They don’t just give those away, you know.

2. Wedding Planners
We can only image how lavish the ceremonies and receptions could be.

3. Tuxedos
Maybe couples would want to buy tuxes for their special day, rather than returning them to the rental shop the next day.

4. Wedding Dresses
If both women in a couple wore white, that would be two dresses for one wedding — bridal shops would rejoice!

5. Wedding Gifts
You can’t show up to a wedding empty handed. If you have no money, you still buy couples getting married a gift, even if it’s just a dishtowel they registered for.

6. Honeymoons
Sure, there could be a honeymoon after a commitment ceremony, but there has to be one after the wedding. A marriage isn’t consummated unless the couple has had sex in a hotel room in an exotic location.

7. Anniversary Gifts
Weddings are just the beginning of marriage-related spending!

8. Wedding Anniversary Parties
After being married for several years, couples will want to renew their vows and throw another party.